Nordic countries have the world’s most comprehensive macro-regional cooperation. A collaboration that has contributed to growth, prosperity and a good capacity to manage crises. Social developments in the Nordic countries has been shaped in collaboration between politics, business and civil society. The program Future Nordic Way aims at revitalizing the Nordic cooperation and exploring the future of Nordic models.  The activities within the program include, amongst other activities, the series “Nordic Ways” – anthologies on the Nordic model from different perspectives.

During the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2011, the Global Utmaning publication “The Nordic Way” about Nordic values and welfare, was presented and discussed. The publication received considerable international attention, including in The Economist. 

For the annual meeting of The Northern Future Forum, where nine heads of state from the United Kingdom, Scandinavia and the Baltic countries gathered, Global Utmaning presented the second part of the series “The Nordic Way 2012”. The report was the result of a collaboration between the Swedish Institute and the Nordic Association.

The third part, “The Nordic Way – Global Crossroads and Capability to Change” examines the important Nordic crossroads for global sustainable development and the Nordic model of capacity in a globalized world. The publication was launched at the Gothenburg 2015 Book Fair.

The Nordic Partnership has continued to arouse interest in a globally turbulent world. In May 2016, The Nordic leaders were invited by President Obama to discuss climate threats, migration and security. The worldwide interest in Nordic ways raises the urgency on a review of how a historically successful collaboration can be developed further in order to overcome new challenges and stay relevant.

How can cooperation in the Nordic region be developed further and revitalized in a global context and future? This is what we examine within the projects The Nordic Way, Future Nordic Ways, and Future Nordic Lab.




Program manager: Birgitta Englin





The Nordic Way – Global crossroads and capability to change

The Nordic Way – Equality, Individuality and Social Trust