The Nordic countries have been at the forefront when it comes to the development of systems with low carbon energy. The region has also succeeded in creating new industries and jobs in the process, such as wind turbines in Denmark, the solar systems in Norway and new transmission solutions in Sweden.

In the program Energy & Climate we wish to highlight strategic issues and stimulate new thinking in order to create political will for a faster acceleration to a broad structural transformation towards sustainability with alternative energy sources.

NAG, Nordic Action Group on Climate and Energy is a platform for industry, academia and civil society with the purpose to contribute to the Nordic policy process with vision and concrete advice for sustainable development. The projects within the framework of the NAG also aim at positioning the Nordic countries in a future European energy and climate context. The work done within the platform is based on joint experience and knowledge from industry, research and expert analysis.

Energy Dialogues is a seminar series that raises questions on how to switch to renewable energy. The Energy Dialogues are further reinforced by the Parliamentary Energy Commission, however the challenges and opportunities on energy are wider. They are linked to fundamental changes in terms of renewable energy, market integration and views on energy and security in Europe. The dialogues aim at capturing changes, identifying opportunities, creating action and examining the conditions for commercialization of sustainable solutions.



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