New collaboration with a young European think tank

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8 år sedan

New collaboration with a young European think tank

Global Challenge takes the step out into the new generation in the Baltic region thanks to its new partner, the network Edgeryders. In the project ”Youth and jobs”, Global Challenge will communicate directly with thousands of young people in the Baltic region.
Edgeryders was originally founded with the aim of producing a report on young people’stransition to an independent and meaningful adulthood.
“It was commissioned by the Councilof Europe. Since then, the network has grown significantly. Today we have 1.500 members,who in turn reach hundreds of thousands of young people in Europe,” says Edgeryders’founder, Nadia el Imam.

She says that she got annoyed by the normative thinking about the young and unemployedby politicians and experts. Categorizations and issues that she, as a young woman, did notrecognize herself in.
“That’s why we decided to develop a new research methodology with an active onlinecommunity as a basis. Nowadays, Edgeryders is acting as a kind of incubator fordecentralized social innovators and it is growing every day.”

The project ”Youth and jobs” will result in a combined research anthology, text collection and documentary book, as well as a film that will be presented at Swedbank’s Growth Days. The basic question to be answered is what the future labor market will look like and the impact that this has on the democratic system.
“I see this as the first out of three steps. With this book, we will be able to identify and analyze the latest trends among young people in the region and provide an important contribution to the discussion. Meanwhile, the basis of the analysis is the research articles written by experts from each country. In a next step, we will create our own community, along with Edgeryders, encompassing knowledge about young people’s perceptions about workinglife and democracy” says Nathalie Besèr, who manages the project together with Kenneth Abrahamsson, senior adviser at Global Challenge.

Nathalie Besèr thinks Edgeryders is a unique network and that it is essential for the project to be able to connect with a large number of young people around the Baltic Sea.
“The information that we will have access to through Edgeryders would not have been possible to get anywhere else. But it is important to combine this information with the vast academic knowledge available.”

In the first phase, the project is supported by the Swedish Institute, The Swedish Retail and Wholesale Development Council and Swedbank.


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