Global Utmaning is an independent think-tank

About us

Global Utmaning (Global Challenge) is an independent think tank that promotes long-term solutions to crises and challenges in the ecological, economic and social systems through collaboration between research, business, politics and civil society.

The think tank is a node within international networks, working with strategic analysis, policy solutions and advocacy through policy dialogues, seminars and reports.

Global Utmaning has a qualified and experienced network of over 90 senior advisors with cross-sectoral expertise and a strong belief in the future.

The organisation is led by a office, which leads development of new ideas, businesses and project implementation. The board decides on the direction of the think-tank.

The think tank is a nonprofit organization funded by grants from institutions and authorities as well as by our partners from various organizations and companies.



Global Challenges work is guided by a broad perspective; challenges of our time are intertwined. Based on this approach, we highlight the global challenges within economy, climate, energy, water, health, urbanization, digitalization, demography, migration, and integrity.


The global market economy has lifted millions of people out of poverty. Meanwhile, inequality increased significantly. The financial system must be globally regulated and the current economic stagnation broken. It requires a new green, circular and inclusive growth model that creates value, labor and welfare. What is tomorrow’s new economic story?


The world’s population is growing. Urbanization is growing, with an emerging number of mega-cities. In many ways the globalization meets in cities, creating opportunities, but also social and economic conflicts. The living conditions can be improved while reducing resource- efficient solutions can be developed and disseminated. How can cities show leadership and move ahead in the global sustainability transition?

Climate / energy

The global energy system based on fossil fuels is changing towards a system based on renewable energy. There are economic and competitive advantages for those daring to take lead and invest in the transformation. It also decreases the risk of energy dependence. There is also a great need for investment in housing and a new transport system. How can the green shift also contribute to socially sustainable development?

Senior advisors

The think tank's main asset is our network of over 90 senior advisors with expertise from civil society, politics, business and research.

Lennart Båge Lennart Båge
Catharina Nystedt Catharina Nystedt
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Our partners

Global Challenges work is possible thanks to our partners from governments, NGOs and industry. Contact our CEO Johan Hassel [email protected] for the opportunity to partner and develop ideas together with us.